Asia Wine Awards 2024 Results Announced: Celebrating Excellence from Across the Globe

The highly anticipated Asia Wine Awards (AWA) 2024 concluded its judging phase in Hong Kong, held from March 8th to 12th. This year’s competition saw a diverse range of entries from renowned wine regions, including Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, China, and Chile.

Maintaining the highest standards, all entries underwent meticulous processing and temperature-controlled storage to ensure optimal conditions for the judges. The tasting process itself adhered to rigorous blind judging protocols. Each wine was evaluated by a panel of experts, taking price range into account. Top performers, those achieving Gold or above, received the honor of a double tasting.

The judges, comprised of top wine experts, merchants, sommeliers, senior buyers, and wine enthusiasts from across Asia, conducted tasting sessions individually. They were aware of the region and style of the wines but were unaware of the producers or brands. After evaluating and comparing the wines, the judges collectively decided on each wine’s medal, based on the 100-point rating system utilized by AWA and esteemed wine critics worldwide.

AWA: Championing Excellence for the Asian Market

The Asia Wine Awards (AWA) is renowned as the premier wine competition in Asia, known for its strict judging standards and commitment to recognizing excellence in the industry. The competition aims to highlight high-quality wines that cater to the specific tastes and preferences of the Asian market, taking into consideration factors such as color, aroma, taste, balance, and drinkability.

AWA is dedicated to discovering and rewarding the finest wines globally, providing a reliable guide for wine producers and consumers alike. The competition’s focus on the Asian market and its reputation for professionalism and impartiality have established it as a trusted authority in the industry, serving as a valuable resource for wine producers, sellers, and enthusiasts in the region.

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