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Asia Wine Awards

Asia Wine Awards

Key AWA 2023 dates and prices

Nov 20, 2022 – AWA 2023 entries open
Nov 20, 2022 – Warehouse open
May 15, 2023 – Entry, payment deadline
May 17, 2023 – Delivery deadline
May 27–31, 2023 – AWA judging
June 12, 2023 – AWA 2023 results announced

AWA 2023 Entry prices
Online entry: US$ 200.00 per wine
Offline entry: US$ 220.00 per wine

Asia Wine Awards

How to enter AWA

1. Register to create your account
2. Enter the details of the wines that you want to enter the competition
3. Checkout and complete your billing profile

Every time you enter a wine information to add to cart,
Then you can enter other wine information again, and then Checkout together.

1. Online payment via Paypal: Select payment options in your account and pay online option.
2. Once the payment is confirmed, you can access the payment/invoice receipt under the billing tab of your online account.

May 17, 2023 – Delivery deadline
Prepare your samples for shipping to the final destination in Shanghai.
Shipping Instructions

Asia Wine Awards

Criteria for Eligible Entry

Entries must:
1. be made exclusively from the partial or complete alcoholic fermentation of fresh grapes, whether crushed or not, or of grape must;
2. with the exception of sweet wines, have an actual alcohol content of not less than 5% in volume;
3. have a minimum production quantity of 600 litres (66 cases) available to the market, with the exception of sweet and fortified wines, which must have a minimum production quantity of 450 litres (50 cases);
4. be finished and in their final container; and not be tank samples
5. be sealed with the same closure as the final, commercially available wine;
6. be contained in a 750ml bottle, with the exception of sweet and fortified wines, which may be contained in 375ml, or 500ml bottles.
7. be labelled in accordance including (i) the geographical area of origin; (ii) the product category; (iii) the producer details; (iv) the nominal volume; (v) actual alcoholic strength; and (vi) a Lot number.

Asia Wine Awards


Measure yourself against the best once again and make yourself proud – get yourself and your wines onto the list of winners. Enter to benefit from the advantages and international renown of Asia Wine Awards.

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