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AWA medal stickers help your award-winning wine stand out and give consumers confidence when choosing which wine to buy. Stand out from the crowd with a smart metallic medal sticker.

– Discounts are available for orders of 10,000 stickers (10 rolls) or more,
> over 10 rolls US$ 37.00 per rolls,
> over 30 rolls US$ 30.00 per rolls,
> Prices will automatically update at checkout. This includes mixing at matching of medal stickers.
– FREE worldwide delivery.
– We cannot be held responsible for any local charges or duty that are applied at the point of delivery.
IMPORTANT Duty and Customs charges: All promotional material is given a nominal value in order to avoid customs and duty charges where possible.

– Stickers are supplied in rolls of 1,000 PCS, 32mm in diameter.
– Rolls are 120mm in diameter with a 85mm core and right-hand leading edge wind direction.
– Bespoke sticker sizes, roll sizes and wind directions are available for all orders over 50k stickers.
– Production lead time of two weeks for orders over 250,000 stickers (250 rolls), please e-mail for special rates.

> To purchase the AWA medal artwork for use on your bottles, Please send email to request a license.
AWA medal stickers may only be purchased and used by Asia Wine Awards medal winners. When buying and using AWA stickers, you must ensure they relate to the correct vintage of the winning wine and correct competition year the medal was awarded. See our AWA Sticker Rules here.
Please note: Asia Wine Awards bottle stickers are subject to copyright, therefore you may not produce your own stickers.

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