Asia Wine Awards 2023 results announced

The Asia Wine Awards 2023 was held in Hong Kong and Shenzhen from May 27-31.

Of all the winning wines, 47% were Silver and 52.5% were Gold.

The entries were submitted, processed and stored indoors under temperature control to ensure that all entries arrived in the best condition for the judges.

The wines were tasted blind by the judges and each wine was judged according to its price range. Wines that won gold or above were tasted twice.

The judges tasted the wines separately. They knew the region and style but not who produced the wine or the brand. Then they compared the wines and reached a consensus on each wine’s medal.

The medal categories correspond to the 100-point rating system used by AWA and many top wine critics around the world.

The Asia Wine Awards (AWA) is the most prestigious wine competition in Asia. It is judged by top wine experts, merchants, sommeliers, senior buyers and wine lovers from all over Asia. They rate wines based on color, aroma, taste, balance, drinkability and other criteria. They also consider Asian tastes and dietary habits as well as the origin, variety, style and price of wines to select high-quality wines that are most suitable for the Asian market. AWA aims to discover and reward the world’s finest wines and provide a professional and reliable guide for wine producers and consumers.

AWA focuses on and serves the Asian market. With its professionalism and impartiality, it has become a trusted authority for wine producers, sellers and Asian wine lovers.

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